Country of Origin: Chile  

Robust Intensity


*Biophenols: 312.3 ppm           FFA:  0.19   

Oleic Acid: 76.2                             Peroxide: 3.5

DAGs: 96.9                                     *PPP: <1.0

Squalene: 9520.5 ppm           A-Tocopherols: 98.1 ppm

           *As measured at the time of crush


A well balanced peppery Favolosa


Favolosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Chile)

  • Well balanced and high in phenols, this perrery Favolosa displays notes of cut grass, fresh picked bitter greens, radicchio, garden herbs and tomato leaf.

    Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

                         FRUITINESS    5.5

                         BITTERNESS   4.5

                         PUNGENCY      5.0

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