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Our Jalapeno Olive Oil (Whole Pepper Fused), a perfect blend of Australian olive oil fused with green chili peppers to create a uniquely spicy and flavorful oil. This bold and zesty olive oil is sure to add a kick to any dish, from salads to marinades and everything in between. This whole pepper fused Jalapeno Olive Oil delivers a rich and robust spice that will awaken your taste buds. Whether you're a fan of heat or just looking to add a little extra flavor to your meals, this olive oil is a must-have in any culinary arsenal. Elevate your cooking and bring a little heat to the table with our Jalapeno Olive Oil.

Jalapeno Olive Oil (Whole Pepper Fused)

  • Two, and only two, ingredients are crushed together, mixed in the malaxer which fuses the fresh green essential oil of the pepper with the Australian olive oil.  Baklouti adds a savory, tantalizing kick to salsas, marinades, soups, grilled foods, vegetables, and more.  Caution:  Hot!!

    Product of Tunisia.

    *All natural. No artificial flavors or additional ingredients

  • No returns, refunds or exchanges unless incorrect product is received.

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