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Ripe From The Vine Storefront

Our Story

Ripe From The Vine, LLC was borne out of a love for our products and a desire to make them easily accessible to everyone in our community. We had been purchasing premium all-natural oils & vinegars from a shop in Florida for about 9 years until the pandemic hit in 2020. Our pantry was running low on stock, and it didn’t look like we would be traveling any time soon. Lamenting that there wasn’t anywhere nearby that sold the quality oils & vinegars we were accustomed to, we explored the idea of opening up a store of our own right here in southeastern Massachusetts. We contacted the Florida shop and learned it was NOT a franchise. And after a little research, communication & contracting with our suppliers and importers, as well completing extensive product training, we had our grand opening on November 13th, 2021. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic!!!


Initially, we loved how delicious the fused & infused oils & vinegars tasted. They transformed our meals from okay t0 gourmet! But in 2016, Kelly was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme Disease and a co-occurring Bartonella infection (another tick-borne illness). Her 2+ year battle began with major changes to our lifestyle, programmed by her Lyme Specialist who specializes in Integrated Medicine. By detoxifying our environment (ridding our home of toxic cleaners, detergents, and hygiene products) and by eating only natural foods— dense in nutrition without harmful chemicals, additives & artificial sweeteners, fillers, or colors— the goal was to optimize Kelly’s immune system while she committed to a strict regimen of oral & IV antibiotics, which together succeeded in restoring her back to full health.


During our quest to educate ourselves on smart nutrition and the healing benefits of food, we discovered that most of the olive oils sold in supermarkets aren’t pure olive oil at all!! Even when bottles read, “Pure Olive Oil” and even “Extra Virgin Olive Oil,” they often contain blends of olive oil with other processed oils. And you can never be sure when the olives were harvested, how the oil was processed, whether it was stored in a temperature-controlled climate, and/or how long it has been sitting on the shel —all affecting its health index. This is when we stopped buying oils in the supermarket and moved to using these products exclusively.


There are many health benefits of  Olive Oils and Vinegars, but quality and purity matter. All our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are Ultra Premium, which means they are first-pressed, cold pressed, and they are tested for purity. We can tell you where and when they were harvested, and we are introducing new crops every 6 months so that we are offering the freshest products available. And all of our vinegars are all-natural with no added sugar, thickeners, additives, flavors, colors, or preservatives.

We are proud to offer the broadest selection of the FINEST & PUREST olive oils, gourmet balsamic vinegars and other all-natural products to our customers. We invite you to taste & experience the difference!!! We are confident you will become fans too.

Kelly & John Zucco
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