Country of Origin: Chile  

Medium Intensity

*Biophenols: 319.9 ppm              FFA:  0.13   

      Oleic Acid: 79.5                         Peroxide: 5.8

      DAGs: 97.0                                  *PPP: <1.0

      Squalene:  7,433.3                    A-Tocopherols: 262.7



This Chilean Picual has a beautiful floral nose. The oil displays savory notes of artichoke and leafy greens. This oil is a very well balanced with delightful pepper notes and light in bitterness.   


Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Chile)

  • There are beautiful notes of honeydew melon, creamy stone fruit, sweet tomato, herbs, and no bitterness. This variety is sure to please the palate. 

    Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment FRUITINESS 5.5 BITTERNESS 3.0 PUNGENCY 4.0 4.9

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